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Well for starters, my name is Cody Abel. I’m fresh out of Washington State University, and I have a wonderful tabby cat named KitKat.

I was born in Spokane Washington, I then moved to Moore Oklahoma when I was 6 years old, then returned to Spokane when I was 11 years old; to which I am currently found.

I attended Washington State University at the Pullman campus and a proud graduate as part of the 2021 class. I originally began my studies in Computer Science and was looking at a second in Biological Engineering. However, as time progressed I chose to switch my focus to Digital Technology and Culture with a minor in Fine Arts as this course better suited my passion and the road I wished to pave.

Getting myself lost in the Pacific Northwest is one of my favorite things to do, but don’t let that fool you… I’m also really into playing the latest games. Going to new cities or hiking into the woods to find a spot to camp out with my friends and family or even just to take some amazing photos. I love to experience life and all that it has to offer.

I consider myself an artist, even though I still have a vast amount left to learn. I was always the kid with a drawing pad and a bag of pencils everywhere I went; drawing anything I could imagine. I have always had an interest in Art and Design, weather it was Architecture, Drafting, Photoshop, Sculpting, Drawing, Music and various others. Recently, I have been experimenting with new mediums and styles to then later adjust my own personal techniques.

I am also a huge animal lover! I’ve had several dogs in my life and a cat that couldn’t be cuter… or as troublesome.

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