Original Concept (featuring the Great Grey Owl)

A) How your character fits into the story 

For the story, How Bald Eagle Became Leader, I was tasked with creating the model for Moohoo’oo, the Wise Owl. Moohoo’oo fits into the story as the bird who stands in as a temporary leader of the birds, stating that they need to figure out a solution to their issue of not having a leader. He does so by gathering all the birds together in a council meeting (showing his cultured nature) and informing them of the obstacle that they face; displaying that his candidness. A debate later develops to which two birds are suggested that would make good leaders. It is later suggested that a contest should be held to determine a leader, to which Moohoo’oo agrees; showing that he is amiable and adaptable. During the contest, he serves as a judge of the contest. 

B) Why you feel the drawing style used to depict your character is appropriate.

The drawing style that I went with was creating an image trace of the images that I found on Google Images. Because I chose to go with a low fidelity photo, the image trace captured the major shape and features of the Great Horned Owl species that Moohoo’s character is described to be. I feel as this decision fits as it shows a lower quality depiction of the character that reflects the low-poly model that I created for the short. This highlights the colors and the features of the character that I plan to capture in my early model of Moohoo’oo.

C) Why your graphic design and typography choices make your design clear and engaging (reference specifics from Hierarchy and Diagram readings) 

I designed my poster to where it directs the viewer’s eyes from the top left, the title, to the right, the characteristics, to the middle left, the images of Moohoo’oo, to the bottom of the poster, the physical description. This helps the viewer gain a sense of who Moohoo’oo is and what the character looks like. I created the poster with the idea of showcasing Moohoo’oo flying, I then decided to place an image of a mountain range in the background, I then added the characters name in large font and the title of the story, How Bald Eagle Became Leader, along with the key roles of the character. I then added a couple of rectangles (one grey and one teal) that were transparent to help with legibility without completely taking away from the background image. Following a similar design, I then added traits, motivation and flight style on the left-hand side of the post; along with the physical description at the bottom of the poster. I then decided to add in a transparent layer of black right above the background image to help bring down the strain on the eyes created by the brightness of the background.

D) How specific tools and techniques influenced your creative process.

I created this whole poster using illustrator, given that I have some previous experience from other classes and personal projects that I’ve created.  Creating the poster was straight forward. I placed a few images on the artboard and used the image trace tool on each, deleting the images that didn’t match with the concept I had in mind. I then moved the selected images tracings into the positions that I wanted them in. I then used the text tool to create the text; using the align tool to help organize the various texts. I then used the Rectangle Tool to create various rectangles of different proportions. Using the combine tool, I arranged the various rectangles with one another and subtracted the teal overlap; positioning them in the desired locations and adjusting the sizing. Finally, I finished the poster by applying some adjustments to the background by placing a transparent layer over the background and rearranging the text and images until I was satisfied with the design.

Revised Concept (featuring the Great Horned Owl)

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